frequently asked questions

How can i cancel or change my reservation?

Cancellations and/or modifications of booked reservations are possible only by e-mail. We DO NOT accept changes by phone from anyone. Once we receive your e-mail request we will acknowledge the cancellation and/or modification.
The information requested is ONLY to secure your reservation although you will be responsible for the cost of service for not cancelling via e-mail in due time (72 hrs. prior to the service requested), for leaving your pick up location with a different or wrong driver or for leaving without calling Customer Service to help locate your driver that is probably looking for you.

What about payment ?

Payments are to be made in cash to the driver in Euro currency.
We DO NOT ACCEPT credit card payments

How to spot our driver ?

If you are coming by ship, hi will be waiting at pier where your ship dock with a sign with your name on it.
If you are coming by plane, hi will be waiting at the airport at the arrival section with a sign with your name on it
If you are coming by train, hi will be waiting at the end of platform with a sign with your name on it
If you are coming from Hotel, hi will be waiting for you directly in the lobby or outside of you accommodation.

Are entrance fees included on tours?

No, our rates DO NOT include entrance fees, private, guide or meals unless specifically mentioned on your Reservation Form.

Are tips included? If not what is customary?

We do not include gratuities in our service rates. Although many American Limo companies include a 20% tip on their invoice we prefer to leave this up to you and our driver will surely appreciate having done a good job for you. Normally, a 10% tip is customary if his service was appreciated.

Driver guide and tour guide:

Although we are proud that our drivers have been given the titleguide drivers for their wealth of information, they are not allowed to accompany you during the visit in the historical sites, with the exception of an emergency.
It would be our pleasure to provide private tour guides for the historical sites at your request.

Should i carry a cell phone when coming?

When and if possible we suggest anyone visiting Italy to bring a cellular phone as payphones are practically inexistent and not many people speak English. It could come in handy to advise of your situation not to mention incoming calls you can receive. Check with your local provider for information.

Will your driver use his cellular phone when driving?

During your service our driver may have to make or receive brief phone calls exclusively regarding his services. Is part of our job so please bear with us.

Are the vehicles smoke free?

Our vehicles are all smoke free and to be found clean and fresh for our clients during the entire work day. We do not allow smoking or eating inside our vehicles. If you absolutely must make a quick stop for one of these reasons please advise your driver if it is possible.

Will our driver respect the speed limits?

Of course he will, our drivers will always respect the speed limits because points will be taken off his driver license for speeding if he is stopped. If you feel that you are uncomfortable with your drivers speed simply ask him to slow down.

Will be charged if our ship does not dock at scheduled time?

Of course not, but if the ship does come in late your driver will wait for you and will perform your programmed tour, or your tour will be re-scheduled for when your Cruise does arrive at the Port.